Peyton Place the Television Series

Peyton Place the Telivision Series

Peyton Place
The Television Series

A look back at the TV novelization of the controversial best seller that inspired two feature films, the daytime drama, and two network television movies in addition to the successful nighttime series.

  • PAPERBACK: 255 PAGES (revised edition)


  • ISBN 978-1-46750808-7

       6 x 9 INCHES

        APPROX. 17 OUNCES

  • RETAIL PRICE: $21.95


Peyton Place TV Series

Peyton Place The Television Series

Featuring commentary from the cast, directors, writers, and producer Everett Chambers; plus photos, five-season storylines, and biography section.

"I was very impressed!"
Dorothy Malone

"It's a great book!"
Barbara Parkins

"A great ride down a Peyton Place memory lane!"
Everett Chambers,

"A wonderful book that gives an interesting perspective of the times!"
Leigh Taylor-Young

Peyton Place The TV Series

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